Nesti Dante Soap


Fig & Almond soap

Enriched with almond protein to soften and soothe the skin

Notes: green fig, soothing almond


Gold soap

Infused with 23 carat gold leaf and features the glorious signature fragrance of Noble Iris 

Notes: noble iris, white rose, cedarwood, orange, grapefruit


Cypress soap

Fresh invigorating scent with notes of Italian cypress. 

Notes: Woody 


Citron & Bergamot soap 

Revitalising and stimulating. 

Notes: classic citrus notes, bergamot


Tangerine and olive oil

Vegetable based soap with fragrant notes of tangerine and olive oil. 

Notes: fragrant tangerine and olive oil 


Broom soap

Fragranced with broom's intriguing floral notes. 

Soap Scent:

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